Sunday, February 19, 2012

Backpacker Feet

My feet are officially starting to turn darker... not thanks to the sun... but mostly thanks to the well trodden soil that gets wedged between my toes from excessive flip-flop usage.

My first night I got to my dorm room in Phnom Penh, I looked at the girl in the bed next to mine's feet... they were dirty, and brown, and... AMAZING!!! I was filled with jealousy, because I was on the first day of my 'tourist' 3-week excursion through Cambodia/Vietnam and she was probably on her 4th month+of backpacking... I fell asleep wishing my feet would soon be as disgusting and un-sexy as hers... wishes soon become possibilities.

Hello feet... you don't look too pretty on day 7... hallelujah.
Night night for now. Off to the Mekong Delta in the AM... will add pictures to my blog.. AND fully update my blog soon... hopefully!!

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