Monday, March 22, 2010

Tell Me Those ARE Bugs?!

Yes, I said that.
My friends Choi and Jonathan, and I decided to go eat eel one night. Well, of course being Korea, you get about 10 other little side dishes along with it. My first reaction when I saw the little bowl, was what are these?! Tell me they are bugs?!
I just found it so interesting and grotesque at the same time. Cultures are just soo different, and yet a lot alike.
Well, I asked my Korean friend Choi if she ever ate them and what they were?! They were Silk Worm Larvae.. and she hadn't eaten them since she was a little kid. WELL, Jonathan refused to try it with me.. so I convinced Choi to, and here we go.....

I know, I know. Beetle Juice. Beetle Juice.

Down the hole!


Out the whole!

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  1. Woah! I found myself trying to figure out that last picture for several seconds. Gah! Thanks Paula lol!