Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter-a!

I'm sick on Easter!!!

This past week I could tell I was slowly getting more exhausted and more exhausted, and then my throat suddenly gave up on me!! I had big plans for Easter Sunday too!! Church, volunteering at an orphanage, lunch, soccer game, vagina monologue practice. BUT I decided that I needed to just relax and try to get better, because my body is failing me at the moment!

Although I feel horrid, I got out of bed to meet my friend Ange for tea. I figured tea would help my throat and possibly keep me from hacking up a lung! On my way to the bus terminal, the cutest ladies had Easter Baskets.. I had spotted them from a mile away! I was like NO WAY.. in KOREA?! And they came up to me and gave me an egg (that had a plastic wrapper on it.. like the ones back home), a little square tinfoil packet and a thing of tissues or something with church information on it. I must have looked like a kid in a candy store, I said my 'kamsahamnida's' and went to catch my bus. Fabulous start to my poopy Sunday!

So, I met Ange for tea at this awesome little fantasy tea place downtown. It is like a tea place of your dreams, with India type music in the background and a wonderful aroma right as you walk in. They also have a huge room where they sell tea sets and different hand-made things.

Ange got a spicy India Chai Tea, which she loved!

And I got Jasmine Tea, it had flower blooms and everything in it! I loved mine as well!

Then, since I was downtown on a weekend during the day for the first time in forever.. I decided to stop by the market, which I hadn't ever been to, and get some fresh fruit since I'm sick. And oooh my gosh, it was delightful! HUGE! I was very surprised!! It was so exciting and lifted my spritis immediately, I walked around and got a HUGE bunch of bananas. So it was successful!

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