Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camping During Korea's Monsoon Season 101

1.Don’t camp during monsoon season.

2.If everyone knows it is supposed to rain, don’t go.

3.You can’t pitch a tent on a hill.

~~Bulge of water that wouldn't go away!~~

4.If a Korean comes and tells you your tent isn’t waterproof… believe him.

5.If the top of the tent ends up an inch away from your face when you wake up at 1AM.. don’t assume it’s the ceiling.. your tent may have slid 6 feet down the incline and ended up on its side with you and 4 other people sardined in it.

~~Before the Roll/Slide~~

~~After the Roll/Slide~~

6.Bring ponchos, an umbrella, something to keep you from getting and staying soaking wet all night and morning until you get home. The ponchos will also be needed inside the non-waterproof tent.

7.When Rob says two bottles of soju each, and insists you buy 14 bottles… don’t believe him. You may have to carry half those bottles up the rocky hill, over the concrete wall and through torrential rain the next morning.

8.Always take extra WATERPROOF padding in case you have to move your tent up-hill through a rocky path, over a concrete wall and onto a concrete road and the floor turns into a giant puddle.

9.When a van drives by definitely wave him down at 7AM and pay him in soju to take you and all of your crap to a bus terminal!

10.Why are you still reading?!?! Just don’t flipping go camping during Korea’s Monsoon Season!!

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