Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rabbits Live on the Moon

Bed-time Story:

This story is all about the moon. I am sure that different cultures believe different things about the moon, Americans think the moon is made out of cheese (don't forget this is a story!).. you may ask, WHY would Americans think the moon is made out of cheese?! Because we're primarily fat and LOVE to eat.. cheese being our favorite snack!

Well.. I find out today (and I was honestly beyond surprised, and dumbfounded that Koreans don't have the same beliefs about the moon as I do... CHEESE HATERS) that Koreans like to think that there are two rabbits that live on the moon. They spend their time up there making and mashing the Rice Cakes(gag) (which I suppose makes the craters). But two rabbits?! Where does that come from??
For further info:

The End
Sleepy time for me!! But I'm really hungry and want to take a bite out of the moon right now ..... zzZZzzZZzzZz

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