Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cha Cha Now Y'all

Pictures and hopefully video to come... BUT, I just taught my 5 and 6 year olds in kindergarten the Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper!!! I had soo much fun, with sweat involved!!! The kids are too precious, and tried really hard... in the beginning.. and then they just got tired! After the class was over, I had a ginormo grin on my face because I had so much fun!!!! These kids honestly amaze me.. my 6 year olds are learning Chinese writing as well right now.. and my 4 year old class knows the months IN ENGLISH!!!!! It's insane.. at first I was asking them to just repeat the months after I said them, while showing them a card.. and now I ask them to repeat.. and they just start listing them all out! It's awesome!! I recorded them during my class today (a couple days after I originally posted this blog, enjoy :) )

I really do love this teaching thing.. which is starting to scare me! I'm also thinking about getting my masters again.. the idea keeps popping up into my head.. because it would also really really help me to get a university job in another country! So hmm.. something to think about! I am unsure about whether I'll be working at another academy, a kindergarten or public school next year... it's all up in the air! But I have plenty of time to think about it.. fortunately!!

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