Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Lucky Rabbit's Foot

Walking to work, I have a good 15 minutes to just think about (random) things. I was thinking about how popular 'fur' is in Korea at the moment.. I saw SO many things while shopping that felt like real fur.. you also see it on just about every person that walks by. Fur on Jackets. Fur on Hats. Fur on Scarves. Fur on Vests. Fur on Shoes. It's just everywhere.

I began to wonder if this was real fur.. or maybe it was just fake fur. Then I wondered if they ever used rabbit fur (even though it is probably not 'fashion' enough)... I was like, rabbit fur would be a decent and animal friendly fur to use.

WHAT?! What am I saying?! I felt like a horrible person, especially when I wondered what they would do with the rest of the rabbit they killed for fur.. would they eat it?! If they did, then that would be better.. at least it wasn't being wasted.

Then it made me think of the rabbit's foot I used to carry around on a key chain for 'GOOD LUCK'!!! OMG, I was a crazy little American girl!

I am no longer allowed to judge or think something is 'strange' in a different culture.. whether they're drinking cobra blood, eating grasshoppers (without the chocolate), eating silkworm larvae, balut egg, or wearing glasses that are twice the size they were in the 80's.

I USED TO CARRY A RABBIT'S FOOT AROUND!!!! And no one thought it was strange!! Do you understand this?! You probably had one as well. Why is that not weird?! NO, No.. NO. It is not weird.. you know why?! Because it is 'good luck' and everyone was doing it!

Memory flashback... the toenails were still attached! I took that foot everywhere. I hooked it to my purse. I would pet it. I thought I was super fly. You could buy them at the dollar store!

PETA is going to hack into my blog and delete it.. I feel like I should prostrate:
I prostrate to all of the sentient beings that died so I could have their feet on a keychain. I prostrate in gratitude for the luck my rabbit's foot once brought me. I prostrate in repentance for thinking a keychain was lucky. I prostrate as a vow to only buy purple rabbit's feet in the future for they are they cutest.

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