Thursday, March 8, 2012

Angkor What? Monkey Business

....continued from Angkor What? Day 2....

By the time we had gotten to our next to last temple and Kesal said that we probably wouldn't be seeing monkeys today because it was almost sunset and they've probably gone into the jungle already.  Me being my blonde self (and trying not to get too worked up at the fact that I may possibly see monkeys in the wild.. which I won't even start with, because I went to the Amazon and saw plenty of different types of monkeys, and plenty of monkeys, but they were always pretty far away.. you're in a boat, they're in some trees.. not what my monkey dreams were made of if you know what I mean?!  Oh well, those tears have been shed already, no need to open an old wound!), I still thought he was completely joking, and just still hoping for that tip!!  So we threw one of the 2 bananas we had saved for the monkeys out the tuk-tuk.. Tino decided to keep one as a precautionary banana.  THANK GOD. Because the next thing you know, I'm looking to the right.. and at first I think it's a trick.. a mirage.. a figment of my imagination.. a dream.. BUT NO, IT'S A MONKEY! "KESAL, A MONKEY A MONKEY!  That's a monkey RIGHT?!"  :::errrrrt::: Our tuk-tuk comes to a hault.  And there... this moment happened...

Then.. after we had finally gotten back in the tuk-tuk, I had stopped crying, and the boys got tired of looking at 100 monkeys.. we saw a Korean guy squat down close to a monkey to say "Kimchi" and have his photo taken.. when all of a sudden, the monkey steals his hat and runs away.. the Korean guys following in a ruckus.
I realize right then, that.. I am not finished here, I PAULA FERGUSON need a picture as well.. it's not fair that the Korean got one and I didn't.. I have no picture beside of a monkey at Angkor Wat.. I NEED a picture beside of a monkey at Angkor Wat.

Then, the following happened:  I squat down, I start to scoot a little closer, the monkey starts to come towards me, I run away, Kesal tells me it's okay just stay there for a second, so I go back, I squat down, the monkey comes at me, Kesal says it just wants to play, so I stay, the monkey jumps on me, inspects my bag, crawls up to my head, plays with my earring, then I have to shoo it off because it was trying to steal things from my purse!

Miracles do happen people.  Hopefully the miracle is that I don't have rabies.

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