Monday, March 5, 2012

Cambodian Apsara Dancing at Temple Balcony Restaurant

My friend Chelsea had HIGHLY recommended this restaurant to me.. she told me that they put on a free Apsara show every night so I was stoked to go.

Peter Paul and I had already eaten dinner (a delicious amok <-fish and veggie in an amok sauce baked in a banana leaf).. so we went to Temple for some tequila and dessert banana spring rolls. The show.. was.. AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful and mind blowing. The girls and guys did SUCH a wonderful job, and the live music and singing made it THAT much better!!! Such a good show and place, highly recommend.. the main floor turns into a club at night (starting at 9PM, RIGHT when the dancing stops), but unfortunately with all of my early wake-ups I never got a chance to go!!

Enjoy the videos!

p.s. pay attention to the girls' fingers and how far back they bend in the videos.. in the book First They Killed My Father the main character talks about her life during the Khmer Rouge.. and during this time she worked in a child labor camp and was picked to be part of a dance troupe to entertain the high ranking Khmer soldiers (when they would travel past the camp, they could have some entertainment)... she said they would bend her fingers back and tie them with a rope for an hour a day to train them to bend so far back.


  1. I'm gonna go to Siem Reap this weekend. I'm finding a good place for Aspara show.
    It seems Temple balcony restaurant is a good place.
    Could you tell me how much it cost a dinner including Aspara show there?
    My travel budget is not big.
    Or Could you kindly suggest me some other places?
    Million Thanks

    1. Hi! The Apsara show is free at Temple. I actually didn't even have dinner there either.. just a shot of tequila ($3US) and banana spring rolls for dessert ($4US)... it wasn't too expensive at all!! There are a few other places as well, you will see signs outside on Pub Street!! ENJOY :)