Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do You Feel Bad?

Yes! YES! I feel bad.. that would be why I am here at the hospital!

And my sickness returns. In the last two weeks of April, I had found myself in a doctors office four times in two weeks! Talk about suckkkky! Well, the first two times were with the same idiot doctor who REFUSED to give me antibiotics. I was coughing my head off and lets just say what was coming out of me was the color of sliiime :) Nice image, huh?

Once I started feeling like I was about to die, I went to a doctor that my Director had recommended, however he did not remember her name.. so he gave me her husbands phone number. I called the husband, who spoke English well, he told me her name.. and when I wrote it down.. it didn't even look like Korean!! I was so out of it, I just hung up the phone and said thanks. SO, I head to the hospital downtown the next day. YES the hospital, Korea is very interesting.. if you're sick, you go to a doctor in the hospital!

I walk into this ginormous hospital.. everything is written in Korean, not unexpected. I still do not read or speak Korean, so I was in for an adventure. The first level looked wicked busy, too busy to handle a confusing foreigner. So I went upstairs.. aaah, it was not busy at all. I walked up to the desk and with a confused look and shrugging of the shoulders I said 'Speak English?!'.. one guy pointed at the girl who laughed and picked up the phone.. I KNEW she secretly knew SOME English. So, she called someone on the phone immediately and said 'wait'. I KNEW IT! So I ended up waiting about 6 minutes, and in this time this crowd of hospital workers are around a computer and they're giggling.. I had a feeling it had to do with me! They wave me over, and the guy sitting at the computer hands me a piece of paper that says...

I was like, YES. Ingenious! That is why I am at the hospital.. DUH! But happy none the least to see English! Anyways, I found out that all I really needed to do was hold up two fingers (Section 2) and say 'Kim' (that's the only part of the name I understood!!! lol) and they would get who I needed! It is a small hospital after all! Haleluia

Long story short, I found out I had bronchial pneumonia, a partially collapsed lung, and sinus issues. They found this out by chest and head x-rays, AND by me coughing up flem in the middle of the hallway with people around and spitting it into a medical cup (it was more high tech than the paper 'tasters choice' cup I was given to pee in when I got to Korea. I didn't feel too embaressed, but like how some people's bladder gets shy if people are in the bathroom, my flem was shy too! I was lucky to get any :) Nice information I KNOW! But you're stillll reading!

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