Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Have Realized...

... that I have been in Korea for 3 months... and it feels like 3 weeks!

I have also realized, that I am already really comfortable here. Please see below:

1.) I am no longer afraid of the Hospital Gang that I walk past every day to get to work. (Picture soon).

2.) I rarely look twice.. well.. three times.. definitely never four times like I used to, when I walk past a restaurant and see an IV just dangeling there on its stand with the sick person hanging out in public like they don't have a needle inserted into their hand and acting like they don't have a hospital gown on.

3.) I still laugh everytime I see someone wheeling around their IV in a grocery store... maaaybe I'm not quite over it :).

4.) I am totally used to the Koreans running away from the sun... literally... today, I saw one lady with a jacket over her head, tons of umbrellas, and a lady run across the street and start walking once she got into the shade.

5.) I feel badass when I wear a tank top/spaghetti straps to work because evveeerrryone else is wearing jackets and white gloves.

6.) I had a new student in my 5 year old class today. His mom told us his English name is Dragon. My jaw dropped and I laughed for a while. It was a little awkward at the beginning of class calling him Dragon, but then I realized he answers to it (which is awesome) and it is super fun to say in a deep voice with a little rawr at the end :)

7.) I no longer find it weird when people stare at me, or random old ladies feel me up, or when a mom forces her kid to talk to me to practice their English.

8.) I am used to seeing seriously funny sayings on business signs (in English), mispellings and horrible grammar on t-shirts, and knock-off Louis Vuitton bags that have 'LW' on them instead of 'LV'.

In short, I LOVE YOU KOREA! You make every day different and funny!

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