Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feet Like an Elephant

A Forever 21 that has 4 floors should have a pair of shoes that fit me, right?!

If I enjoy leopard hooker boots, then yes!  Bruce and I looked through basically every pair of shoes in that stupid store and couldn't find a size 10.. rarely a 9!  Welcome to Korea! I got really sad, and after our shopping day with the girls on Sunday I shopped around in some of the Korean shoe stores that sell boots.. thinking since it's Seoul, MAYBE they would have my size?!

Errrr... wrong again!

After trying on 2 pairs of XL boots.. and me about to cry.. the lady said "These boots are for Korean women's feet"... so I boohoo'd my way out the door!

BUT after venturing to Myeongdong AGAIN the next day (as well as the day after that ^^), Forever 21 had restocked and I found a super cute pair of ankle boots that were my size! Yippee!!!

Here's a looksy into what Myeongdong is like on a CALM Monday :).. Imagine what it's like on the weekend.. SO FUN!

..Yes, it is super random... in almost every way possible!

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