Sunday, November 13, 2011


I know we've all heard it..
Q: "Is assumption spelled with 1 S or 2?!"
A: "Don't forget, ASSumptions make an ass out of you and me. 2."

Ooooh assumptions! Chelsea and I visited our friend Faith in Cheongju this weekend and while wandering around to the different 'foreign hang outs' in town, we entertained ourselves... with a little people watching.

People watching, one of my favorite pastimes in Korea... who am I kidding, EVERYWHERE!

We came to this one bar called MJ's which was more than entertaining:
You had your usual:
-a group of girls dancing
-random foreigners and Koreans mingling together
-the bar and 2 bar tenders
-the computer for self-DJing
-pool table

You had your.. semi-unusual:
-the 2 guys having a dance off (.. the whole night)
-a guy with a nose ring
-a Bob Saget lookalike
-a group of guys who looked South American
-a guy wearing an Alpaca sweater

The super-unusual:

So of course, I had so many questions... and I needed SO many answers... and I'm not shy... which is probably not a good thing all the time... so I asked...

The 2 guys having a dance off (+ nose ring guy):
I ASSumed, that since they were being super cocky, and super fist pump-alicious, that they were OF COURSE from New Jersey.. absolutely had to be. Guy #1- from Connecticut, HEY I was close. Guy #2- who is ALSO the guy with the nose ring... from NOVA SCOTIA. Fail... I told him I was SO sorry, I thought he was from New Jersey, haha.... ha... but he didn't find the humor in that.. he OBVIOUSLY isn't a fan of MTV's Jersey Shore. (It's okay to make West Virginia jokes... therefore it's okay to make Jersey jokes !)
He probably also thought I was hitting on him... awkward.

Bob Saget LookaLike:
The truth is in the picture...

Group of guys who looked South American:
While Chelsea and I were chatting, I noticed a group of guys... one had tan skin & quite a distinct nose (my thoughts, HAD to be Peruvian), another was short, tan & spunky (mm... random guess for him, maybe Colombia), and the last 2 were tall, skinny & had Euro-Mullets (MUST be from Argentina!).
Oh! And wait! They were taking tequila shots.... my thoughts: 'That's it.. I HAVE to ask.. they're taking TEQUILA shots.. I have to, it's a sign!'
Mr. Peru- actually from IRAN
The other 3- actually from RUSSIA "Errrlrlr-ussia"

You can imagine my disappointed, but I made friends! They're students at a local university.

(The guy in the blue and brown were the two ArgentineanRussians, the others weren't included.. best picture we could get)
The PeruvianIranian

Alpaca Sweater Dude:
:::I walk over to him, so confident, so internally excited....::::
Paula: "Hey! WHERE did you get your sweater?!"
Mr. Smiley: "Ha, do you want the truth?"
Paula: "mmm.... sure."
Mr. Smiley: "I got it at a thrift store."
Paula: "Gah!!!!! Darnit!"
Mr. Smiley: "Where do you think it's from?"
Paula: "I think it was made in Ecuador!! Geeze, err. OK"
Mr. Smiley: "Sorry! I've had a lot of people ask me that. Were you hoping we could have traveled to the same place and we could connect and gab about trips?!"
Paula: sad face "Yes! K.. now I'm sad."

I return to Chelsea to tell her about ANOTHER defeat.

15 minutes later.

I decide I NEED pictures of everyone to describe my failures on my blog.
We decide to act like she's taking my picture, but really she'll zoom in and take pictures of all of the people.
Although we were successful... Mr. Smiley heard us giggling and laughing about what we were doing... he took my camera... told us we were pervy little girls and wanted to know what we were taking pictures of.
He wouldn't give the camera back.
Give it back!
Give it back!
No! I want to see, what you two are up to.
Give it back, pleeeease! OK, well you can look at it, but I have to tell you why we took each of them.

So I told him the same things I just told you... adding in how we accidentally took a picture of his friend because he walked into our picture while we were taking it..

and the picture of a guy's butt was an accident with the zoom and the darkness of the room... and YES in fact, we did have a picture of his Alpaca sweater.

I think he believed us... but that just put the icing on the cake. I haven't laughed that much IN A WHILE!

Good times!

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