Monday, November 7, 2011

Violated by my Toilet

Since I moved into the teacher's dorm at the University, things have been a bit different.

As in I now have a bidet in my private bathroom.

These things are like $300 in the store!!! I'm not understanding why EVERY toilet on campus has one, in all of the buildings, ALL of the dorm rooms....

Anyways, they're kind of lovely in the winter because they're heated.. I did a post on this earlier..

So this past week has been record breaking hot.. but to me it felt like a normal beginning of Fall in the states (about 65 degrees steadily.... whereas in Korea, when Fall comes, it is FREEZING at night and in the morning, and pretty hot during the day....). So I really didn't need my buns toasted when sitting down to do my business. Therefore, I tried to turn it off.. unfortunately all of the buttons are in Korean.. and there are about 13 buttons.. go figure! So I pressed the one towards the end that was just a square.. thinking this MUST be it..


I started hearing some noises like mechanisms moving around, then all of a sudden SPRAY to the butt. I screamed and laughed, and about died... and it lasted for about 7 seconds.


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