Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Konglish basically consists of English words, made into Hangul (the Korean language) that sound.. well.. stupid!

Sometimes you add 'uh' to the end of a word.  If you need directions to somewhere like the store E-Mart.. You don't just say 'E-Mart?'.. you say 'E-Martuh?'

Or sometimes you will add an 'ee'.  For example, 'Teacher finishee.'  However, the 'f' is constantly pronounced as a 'p' because the 'f' sound does not exist in the Korean language.
Puguson. (Ferguson.. it is also difficult for them to make the 'er' sound)

When speaking to a Korean who does not know English well, it is almost imperative to add these endings to the end of words.  Or else they simply do not understand.  Seriously, you would think a taxi driver would know 'McDonalds'.. but they will stare at you blankly until you say 'McDonaldsuh'.

Sometimes I have students who maybe don't understand a question until I say it 'Konglish' style... and when they hear the difference between the English question, and the Konglish version... we generally both start laughing.

Some interesting Korean to English direct translations:
wrist = hand neck
fingers = hand extensions
toes = foot extensions
fish = water meat
seal = water dog

Something my students taught me while playing the game Outburst:
Premise of the game, you have a category, and a list of 10 nouns that you want your partner to guess.  The category for one student was 'Things with Holes'... they needed their partner to say the word 'bagel'.. so to describe 'bagel'..
He said:  "When you're walking down the street, and you see a girl with a beautiful baby face, and a gorgeous bo..."
Me: "WOAH, woah woah!  ::strange look:: Um.. you find this in a bakery!  It is round, with a hole in the middle.. really popular in America."
Other student: "Bagel!"
Me: "Yes! Good.  :::looking at the other guy::: What the heck?!? Why are you describing a girl??
Student: "Because, a "bay-gul", is a girl with a baby face ("bay") (of course, the younger you look the more beautiful you are here) and a glamorous body ("gul") (they pronounce it "gulamuh" in Korea).  So 'bay' 'gul'... Bagel!

Mind = Blown!

I find Konglish hilarious sometimes... but when you hear kids say 'teacher pinishee! teacher pinishee!' 15 times a day.. you're pretty happy you have two fingers to plug your ears up every now and then!  Even though I normally just say 'student pinishee! student pinishee!' in a really annoying voice in their face.. and they get my annoyance level!  :)  Come on, I'm a nice teacher.. but it's so true!!

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