Friday, May 18, 2012

OoO! That Purse Brings out the Color in Your Eyes


Ever wonder why you have yet to see a picture of me with my Korean boyfriend??

That's because, he doesn't exist!

Would you like to know why?

This picture speaks louder than words.

Living in Korea, it is quite normal for me to see men with 'murses' (male purses).. however this guy's murse absolutely takes the cake.  Not only is it a gigantic murse, he is also wearing black skinny jeans, and a black shirt trimmed with leapord print.  I'm sure the Korean ladies were swooning. I found myself just staring.

Now ladies... don't you all be booking your flights to Korea too quickly.

I'm not hating on a guy needing to carry something larger than a wallet... it's just... I MISS MASCULINITY.  There, I said it.  I do, I miss guys not looking in a mirror 24/7 or using their iPhone for 2 minutes just blatantly staring at themselves through their camera.  Turn. Off.

Grow a pair boys.  Mama's getting bored!  Can I come home yet?

(p.s. I just passed 3 guys walking down the sidewalk holding hands on campus... let's not make this blog longer than it has to get the point I believe)

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