Friday, May 25, 2012

Spontaneity at it's Japanese-ist

So, here I am on a Thursday night... lying down in my bed, chatting with Chelsea on Facebook chat.  Chelsea left me in Jeonju.. given she didn't leave me all alone, I still had Rehana and Ali.. but one of my BEST friends here finished her contract and was headed off to a brighter world!  So she was traveling in Japan at the time and she was telling me about how amazing it was.. of course a 'you should really come here... you should come now!' joke got brought up.  And I must admit, it got my brain a tickin'!

I told her to hang on a minute, I just might be able to!

The following week was a level testing week.. where I only had to be in the office all day on Wednesday, and one kids class a day other than that.  I figured if I could find someone to cover my Mon/Tues class, I could find a cheap ticket, and I didn't need a Japanese VISA.. then I would be set to go!

Guess what happened?! Everything fell into place within 30 minutes!  Ali said she would teach my two classes, I didn't need a VISA, and I found a round-trip ticket for $280.  "Hey Chelsea.. guess what?! See you in Kyoto sucka'!"  It turns out that it was PERFECT timing in her travels, she was only going to be in Japan for 2 weeks, so she had her cities planned out already, she would be arriving in Kyoto the same day I was.. woohoo! And even better for me, she pretty much already knew what she wanted to see in Kyoto.. which meant I didn't need to plan a thing. Easy-peasy!

Unfortunately, there was an awesome concert on Friday night.. that I had promised a concert I would go to with... bad idea!  I got home at 4AM.. got on the bus at 8:30AM and my flight left at 1PM.. let's just say I got quite motion sick on the plane for the first time in my life!  Not pretty.  And I thought I had learned a lesson from my Cambodia trip?! Negative.

At 3:30PM I ARRIVED at the Osaka Airport!!! Chelsea was supposed to meet me there.. and she did, just an hour-ish late.. slightly freaked me out, because I didn't want to waste my precious time in the airport, yet I knew it would be SO difficult to meet up anywhere else in Kyoto!  So she finally arrived, because she had missed her train... we reunited after being separated for an entire week.. and it felt SO great.. we had always said we needed to be travel buddies in a different country together, and we got to be!!!! :)

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