Monday, June 4, 2012

The 7-11 Man

After the sauna, Vida and I decided we needed some MORE relaxation time.  We decided to do what we do best.. a patio party.. with ourselves!  So.. here we are, sitting at this 7-11 in Seoshin-dong, and ajushi (Korean man.. in his 50's) pulls up a plastic chair and plops right on down with us.  He then proceeds to reach over, and grab our soju bottle.  He blabbers some Korean words, I slightly tap (smack) his hand and take the bottle away.. moving it farther away from him on the table.

Vida and I are just looking at each other at this point with that "Another drunk crazy Korean man trying to talk to us.. how shall we get rid of him this time?!"

Then we know exactly what he is asking even though he's talking Korean.. basically a "You know what soju is? You drink soju? America? Where are you from? America? What do you do?" The same basic questions we would normally get by the same sort of stranger walking up to us.

The thing that ticked us off the most.. was a.) half the time they don't even say 'Hello' first.. they just start babbling on and asking their questions when we obviously do not know what they're talking about, b.) they seriously don't get the blatant hint to go away half of the time, c.) you just DON'T take someone's soju!! That's just wrong!

Lucky for us, he got distracted by his 'English Teacha' (the only English words he could say) friend and left.

5 minutes later, guess who comes back??  

Oh yea, he sits down again.. calling over his 'English Teacha' friend, who is in fact just a golf clothing store owner who speaks a little English (SHE was very nice though).

He grabs for the soju, I move it farther away.  He reaches for Vida's cup because he wants to drink from that, she pulls it away.  Vida tells him, 'Get your nasty old man hand away from my cup!'  He goes for the soju again, and I just shouted out an "Aniyo!!!! 7-11, GO! Soju, 7-11!"  The man could obviously afford to buy his own soju, he was dressed nice, had keys to a nice car (which eventually fell out of his pocket, and were left lying on the sidewalk.. I told Vida I really wanted to be mean and move his car to another street so he can't find it, then leave the keys with the clerk.. but we decided that would be a bad idea), pretty sure he was already drunk.. based upon the red face and all.

He eventually left, thankfully.

And after him, a few police officers came with a Korean family.. from what I could understand by spying.. the boy lost his keys and someone took his car.. ironically enough Vida and I found keys, although we were awfully sure we knew who they belonged to.. the police officer we told said "Leave them there" (... SUCH a lazy Korean police officer thing to say!).. however, later on he took the keys to the clerk and left them in there.

OooOOooOh Korea!  It's amazing how outgoing some Koreans are.. the oogling and questioning never ends! (Although I do find it humorous at times.. and it gets old at other times! Oy vey.. my life in Korea!)

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