Thursday, June 14, 2012

So Long Early 20s!

Do I have to grow up?  I like the number 3.. may I keep it please?

Today.. my friends.. I have to part with my early-20s and welcome my mid-20s.  Just typing this, I must be honest.. my heart jumped a bit.  I don't even know what to think, I'm excited, I'm not excited.. I'm blessed with another amazing year to live, I had an awesome 23rd.. but I HAVE to ask myself, where are my bells and whistles?

Cheers to 'the day' being better than the day before!

Calling my parents so they can wish me a happy birthday :) hehe

Ali, Rehana & I will be going to the sauna.. getting all sparkly clean/eating lunch/doing nails/sipping cocktails/relaxing during our 5 hour lunch break.

Power hour after I get off work at 8PM.

Dinner with friends at 9PM @ TEAM.. my favoritest Italian restaurant in Korea! :)

Utter chaos for dessert?

Deep breaths til then.

My awesomely amazing friend Ali (Vida) adopted a stooooopid Panda in my name from the World Wildlife Foundation.  Happy Birthday to Paula the Panda and I :)

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