Thursday, June 14, 2012

You Take the Picture, Then You Stick the Picture

When I was but a girl.. I always wanted to have sticker pictures made with my BFF.  The only thing.. was they were expensive & a bit hard to find. 

Now that I am but a woman.. STICKER PICTURES ABOUND in my life.

One time Chelsea and i saw a girl on the subway in Busan literally looking at HUNDREDS of sticker picture sheets she had in her purse... we were amazed... to be a child in this society, must be like eating skittles and looking at rainbows everyday of your life! (we'll forget that they study in a private school until 10PM every day...for now... different blog)

So basically, you go into a store that has at least 15 different booths... you wander around, choose a booth that is 'speaking' to you through pictures... put $5 worth of 500Won coins into the machine.. choose a few backgrounds.. the machine countsdown.. pose.. pose.. pose.. choose a few more backgrounds.. pose.. pose.. pose.. (and if you're lucky, and you get a wicked awesome sticker picture business, they'll have costumes and funky wigs you can put on)..after you leave the booth, you go into a smaller booth, where there is one screen & 2 'pens'.. you add squiggles, pretty things, bows, misspelled English words, poop pictures, etc.... (EVERYTHING is on a timer by the way, so it is almost like participating in a game!)... wait a few minutes, then voila! The man at the front desk will cut your pictures up, and then you're on your way!

The machine Rehana, Ali & I used was from Japan.. it automatically made our eyes a bit bigger... and in one of them I could change my eye color :) (Jeonju)

Chelsea, Faith & I had pictures made in Gwangju.... SO FUN!

Dana and I had sticker pictures made right before I left Korea the first time.  (Jinju)

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