Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodbye Korea, What up? Cheese

This is my favorite song from this year.  Please notice the make-up on these guys!  Welcome to my Korean life.

This is a new quirky song that is all the rage, the video is hilarious and the song great to dance to.  Some of the comments have said how funny Korean humor is... I kind of beg to differ, you rarely see things this strange!

This is my favorite song from my first year in Korea.

If this song doesn't get stuck in your head, I will judge you.  It's horrible when that happens.

Korean music videos... can words describe??

The funny thing is that they're supposed to be saying 'RING Ding-a-Ding'.. however they say 'LING Ding-a-Ding', because it's hard for them to pronounce the 'R's :)

I want to be sure to remember these songs forever!

The goodbyes hath begun my friends!
So far on the list:

My hairdresser - Ji Yeon has been SUCH a lifesaver, and I told her that.  I refused to get my haircut the first year I lived in Korea, possibly because I had shorter hair then and it is much easier to ruin.  However, this awesome chick lived in Los Angeles for 4 years (has a tattoo.. big deal in Korea.. sold me) and is so sweet.  I nearly cried when I hugged her goodbye.  But alas, no tears yet.

My doctor - Nothing like a free doctor.  Nothing like a free doctor who speaks fluent English.  Nothing like a free doctor who speaks fluent English and always tells you about how your last name is the same name as a woman's dilation reflex when giving birth (the Ferguson dilation).  He gave me a hug too today... it may not seem like a big deal, but Koreans just don't hug, so when I'm offered a hug, I jump right in there like a bear!

My student who I've taught a few times a week for the entire year - He planned the sweetest goodbye parting, and I got to meet his family for the first time, which meant a lot to me!  HE also gave me a hug, geeze Korea, constantly surprising me with the embraces.

My expat friends on vacation - I've made some great friends here, the ones I love the most though are the ones I'm sure I'll see in a different country one day!

Past students - One by one as I see them, so long, farewell, COME VISIT!

Still to come: my best friends, coworkers, my favorite restaurants.


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