Friday, August 3, 2012

Taming Wild Beasts

KIDS CLASS!!! Oi!  Only 9 more days left of teaching children, and I will be screaming hallelujah when it is over.  You know what the crazy thing is?  I only teach one kids class a day, and it is one too many.  HOW did I manage last year?  HOOOOWWWW?  Of course the girls are absolute angels.  Yes, including the ones who are going through puberty and are extremely moody and awkward.  The boys drive me absolutely INSANE.  INSANE.  I must say 'Are you crazy?' to them often, because now one boy says it all of the time.  When he says it though, it is in the MOST annoying voice on the planet Earth.  Honestly, I seriously hope that the students in America behave much better than the students in Korea.  I can't even fathom having 30 in my classroom.  Right now I have TEN. Just TEN.  And they drive me INSANE!  Possibly it is because they go to public school for 8 hours, then have 1 hour learning English with a Korean teacher, immediately followed by me teaching them for 45 minutes.  THEN, some of them go to other private academies for music, history, etc.  Kids will be kids.. especially if they're being forced to have the patience of an adult....

I do not want children for a long time.

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