Friday, June 25, 2010

Dae-Han-Min-Gook, clap-clap clap-clap CLAP

As the entire world knows, the World Cup has come before us! Korea is WAY more excited about their SOCCER than I thought they would be. Yes.. I said soccer and not football if any of you weird Europeans are out there reading! I find it weird that there is this much enthusiasm, because the kids don't even have organized sports within the public school systems!! Yeah, they have sports academies, but honestly what kind of sports can get done in a tiny academy on the second floor of a building?! Also, how do the Korean athletes get so good if they are constantly being forced to study while growing up?! It boggled my mind there for a while, but then I just shut my mouth and watched as they would get all hot.. and sweaty.. and accidentally lose their shirts at the end of the game. Let's just say, I've begun to care.

I also enjoy watching any team from Latin America play football.. you know the sweaty shirt thing... OH and England has some pretty nice looking players.. and Brazil isn't half bad either!

I could go on and on :) I <3 Soccer Players.. sweaty... gorgeous... K I'm done. For real.

So, the first game that I saw, was at 11PM ON A BEACH in Busan. Haeundae is my favorite beach for many reasons.. gotta love any activity that happens on the beach.. and I mean any! So they had about 4 HUGE screens set up for people to gather around and watch and they came out in droves.. TONS of people with flashing red devil horns, red shirts, and shiny silver mats to sit on, HEY it's Korea.. I didn't say it would be normal!

My friend, Ange, and I watched the game for a bit with our friends.. then went to get awesome french fries and sweet chili sauce, while people watching on a main street which is always fun. Then, we went to a place called Rock-n-Roll Bar which is on the 14th floor of a building right on the beach. It was AWESOME seeing all of the people from high above!

Then, last Thursday, we watched the game right beside the river!! It was pretty fun, especially since I brought my Mikan Doll to scare the Koreans around me!! ... explanation in the next blog about Mikan Doll! Korea lost to Argentina though, so it was sad :(

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