Friday, June 25, 2010

Paula's Pusan Pirthday Party

THAT is what the events name was. That's right folks, I no longer have an excuse for my immaturity.. I am now TWENTY-TWO! I don't have another birthday to look forward to until I'm 25 and reach my quarter-life crisis!!! In Korea, I'm actually 23 or 24.. still not sure about how all that works!

We had a girls night, in where else? But Busan on the Friday night before my birthday. It was a blast, we got off the bus at about 10PM and found a love motel (which we will never go back to again, because they wont let us have 8 people in a 1 bed room... who'da thunk?!), we had decided that we would go to Club Elune first, since we could get in without cover before 12PM.. it was 11:55 when we left the hotel.. SOO it was Laura, Christina and I's brilliant idea to just run... leaving everyone else behind. Once we got there, we realized that none of us brought cell phones! So we went in the club hoping the rest would come.. we were the three brunettes.. so all we needed to look for were 4 blondes.. super easy in Korea! WELL, we gave it about a half hour of dancing to techno and sweating our booties off and we decided to find the rest of our clan to make a mega foreigner dance party! Let's just say, within 40 minutes we had 3 wrist bands.. it was a very good night!

We had yummy cheeseburgers for breakfast and laid out on the beach for the majority of the day Saturday and Sunday! Couldn't have asked for more!! We were in Busan for the Gwangali Festival which celebrates the ocean, summer and fisherman! So.. of course we headed down to Gwangali Beach and checked out the festivities. They had traditional fisherman village replicas set up, traditional games, and a place where you could catch fish with your bare hands.. by the time we had gotten there most of the fish had been caught.. but we still tried without success!

The World Cup game I blogged about that played on the beach was on Saturday too and we went to watch One Drop East play in MurpII on Saturday night. They were awesome! I definitely did not expect to see live awesome sublime-esque music in Korea, so I was thrilled! I still miss my Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers though!!

On my actual birthday a big group of us met at Go West.. the usual spot.. and I got surprised with awesome presents and a birthday cake :) It was fabulous. I also received an awesome package from my parents and grandmother and many cards! I could not have been happier.. it was a very unexpectedly awesome birthday, thank you family and friends :) I missed everyone back home very much!!

My present from Mikan was.... A MIKAN DOLL! That's what I named it :) I had found it in a stationary store and fell in love! The sweetheart she is, got it for me for my birthday! It is just like a rubber chicken, but it is a screaching woman!! Bahaha, GREAT for squeezing at different random Koreans passing by.

This picture was when I had taken Mikan Doll out to the game!! She was a hit :)

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