Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Day I Gave My Maw-Maw a Penis with a Face for Her Birthday

Hardcore stealing internet right now in Dunkin' Donuts! And listening to a foreigner's conversation with a Korean chick about the song Barbie Girl.. he definitely just compared himself to Ken.. I'm gagging right now. And I would beg to differ! (I've never seen this guy before)

Anyways, I have missed my blog like crazy! I hope everyone back home is doing well! I love you guys! I just talked to my parents and grandmother this morning on Skype.. I love how awesome technology is!

So here is a super funny story:
It was my Maw-Maw's birthday on June 2nd, so I sent her.. what else.. other than a Penis Statue that I had bought at the Hwagae Market. I have posted about the penis obsession here in Korea before.. just scroll down! Basically, it is a sign of fertility and protection.. the figure is literally everywhere! Well, my Maw-Maw got it, and she told me that my Paw-Paw asked her what it was? And she said, well its a penis! He says, I've never seen a penis that looks like that, mine doesn't look like that! And my awesome smart funny Maw-Maw said, maybe it would look like it if you drew a face on it?
BAH, I love it!


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  2. Paula - Wait until your mawmaw learns what you've posted! What ammmmmm I going to do with you?!?! You should work for the media!