Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Weekend with Intensity

For the past two weekends, we (the chicks and I) have been staying in Jinju because we were legit out of our 'hood the entire month of May!!! It has been really awesome, I DO miss meeting new people though, that is the best thing about visiting other cities.. fresh meat :) Wow, that sounds intense. We'll make it flowery.. 'Meeting new people and lighting the flame of friendship.'

So, this weekend, we decided to spice it up a bit and go have a picnic at the river on Friday night. It was awesome, and the losers who just HAVE to go to the same bar to drink everynight didn't come.. and that's ok, because they don't deserve to take part in such a cool picnic party!! All of us brought some different food, we had mandu, kimbop, fried chicken, raspberies, watermellon and parfaits, soju, Hite and Soju Smoothies too :) We had some music playing, and there was about 7 of us so there was lots of talking to be had. We also met a bunch of Koreans and offered them food and drinks (because they always do to us when we walk by a picnic.. normally). We headed to Rubys and had a good dancing time afterwards!

The next day was the BEACH! We decided to go to Samcheon-po (Sam il dae) because it is the closest to Jinju. HOWEVER, when Claire, Troy, Laura and I took a cab (never doing that again!) instead of a bus (like everyone else was doing later on).. we negotiated 40,000Won for the ride to 'Nam Il Dae'.. well the ride that was supposed to be 45 minutes.. took a bit less than 2 hours! And up to the 1 1/2 hour mark.. we still had nooo clue we weren't REALLY going where we thought we were. Air Heads! We saw this huge bridge that looked wicked awesome.. everyone was like 'we better not be going over that'.. and I was thinking 'YES! We're going over the bridge'. We had a tie 2 and 2 of whether we were going to call Kevin who can speak Korean and who was driving to SAMCHEON-PO in a bit to meet us, they wanted him to see if he could figure out where we were going.. Troy and I thought we shouldn't call him of course, we just wanted the ride to take its course :) and not interfere!

WELL, we ended up getting dropped off in the town of Namhae (Nam il dae, Namhae.. get why we ended up there?!).. BUT luckily, there is a beach about 20 minutes into the town that is 20 times nicer than Samcheon Po's, so all was well. Kev, Oscar, Choi, Mikan, Tom and Kev wound up meeting us at Namhae, so it was fun times :)

Later that night, a bunch of the GNU girls and I dressed up in wigs and went out on the town to celebrate Eve's birthday and to unfortunately say goodbye to her :( She is my gemini twin, and I cannot wait to see her again someday down the road. The wigs were... itchy... not my thing whatsoever.. I made it to Kamui and took it off after 5 minutes!! But it was fun to walk down the streets of Jinju in them.. people probably thought we lost our corner or something or were headed to gang up on another hooker and steal her corner!!

All in all the weekend had a little kick to it, it was SPICY! <3

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