Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today is Tuesday, I just finished teaching one of my 4-year old classes for the last time! For some reason, it was like they knew to be extra sweet to me.... at least in the beginning! I walked in, the normal 'Hewo Paula Teacher' greetings... and then I played the first song and one-by-one the students started coming up and giving me a hug (well.. giving my knees a hug) and saying 'anyong saranghayo' (Hello, I love you)... of course I didn't scream at them to sit down and sing the song. I decided I'm gonna soak all this in! I'm goin to miss these kids sooo incredibly much. Even tough Kindergarten has been quite awesome at times and quite horrid at other times, these kids have been such an awesome part of my life for the past 11 months! I know each and every one of their names, whether they use learner's chopsticks or not, who can make them cry the easiest, why they cry, if they're afraid of the rain... and on and on... this whole teacher business is emotionally difficult!!

After the first song played and I began to ask them the normal, 'how are you', 'how is the weather', 'how old are you'... etc... they began to bring their chairs around where I was sitting.. instead of having 10 kids scattered around the large table in front of me.. I had 10 kids crowded around me, trying to get as close to Paula teacher as possible. Where is your camera when you need it?? Luckily I had the camera on my phone, but the pictures definitely did not do 'the moment' justice!

Of course after I convince them to sit in their normal seats, they begin their hellacious chatterboxing, climbing on the tables, climbing under the tables, wandering around, picking their noses, refusing to sit, making their friends cry, nonsense.

And then... once again, that was my sign that I am now ready to GO HOME! :)

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