Friday, December 3, 2010

I Experienced THE Melting Pot

Sure the term 'melting pot' is normally used to describe the United States. But, I'm not in the U.S. right now, am I??

November 25, 2010

I'm in Korea.
I'm in a tiny city called Jinju, most Koreans have never even heard of it.
I was in a bar called Sound Garden.
Who would ever think, that while in Korea.. you could be sitting in a room where four languages are being spoken all around you. And you need to have a basic understanding of all four so that you can mingle amongst the crowd.

I found myself in this situation at a farewell party for a French friend, David. I have met many French people who are helicopter engineers in a small town right outside of my city.. and I've hung out with them at random get togethers. Although I took French in highschool, I only know enough to understand what people are talking about around me.. and enough to seriously give me issues while learning Spanish.. I always end up using French numbers, days of the week, and random words when trying to speak Spanish, and it drives me crazy!!

I found out that there was a man from Spain that worked with the Frenchies as well. He was at the party, and my friend Samantha introduced us.. because I am trying to re-learn my Spanish again for my trip in March.

I have honestly never been so confused in my life. At the same table, there were people speaking English across from us, French beside of us, Korean around us and Jose and I were speaking (trying) Spanish! Anytime I would try to say a simple word like 'yes', it would come out like, 'Nay, aaagh, Oui, aaagh, Yes, aaagh SI!' It was the most mind-boggling experience!!

When I left, I thought about how I had never imagined that happening in Korea.. and how much I have appreciated everything I've been able to experience here!

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