Friday, December 24, 2010

A Moment of Sappy-ness

No matter what the good-bye is for and what the new beginning is.. it is the hardest thing to say good-bye to the 50 little smiles you've seen every morning Mon-Fri for 11 months while living in a foreign country. Smiles transverse all language barriers and I will remember each and every one of those goofy little grins. 50 smiles will never be forgotten, 50 tears were gained and forever wiped away.


  1. Aaaaw :( You can always take some of them with you! ;) Big suitcase, small the math!

  2. They are cute little rascals! You will be MISSED PAULA TEACHER!!! (i know how much you hate me saying that). : )

  3. Those will certainly be "Precious Memories" for you!