Thursday, December 2, 2010

There is a War in Our Midst

.. and I don't mean with North Korea.

Well I do, but I'm sure you have all heard enough about that in the news. It is really not a bother here living in South Korea, because the ROK people are so OVERLY used to the threat of war.. it aint nothin' but a G-thing! I can't understand the news, so I don't watch it.. no issue there. I only understand the words that are originally English, but written in Hangul (the Korean lettering), so no newspaper for me.

I'm talking a war you probably don't hear much about. A war between two equals. A war between friends.. but enemies.

I am talking about.. a BOOGER WAR!


Here is how it works, imagine yourself being 5 years old. You're sitting in your seat, with all of your classmates around the table with you. The English teacher is trying to teach you some new vocabulary.. you look around to see if eeeeveryone is looking at you.. and then you do it! You DO... IT! You pick that golden booger out of your nose and reach over the table, and put it in front of your friend. Then.. you giggle to get his attention, and wait for the war to begin. He flicks your booger towards the girls on the other side of the table.. another boy intercepts.. but oh wait, the booger is sticking to the table (you're thinking, haa haaa. always happens to hiiim!) so the boy picks the booger up and smushes it onto the other table. That friend is thinking.. oooh you want to play that game? And picks one of his own boogers and puts it in front of the same boy.

This goes on and on, while the English teacher is screaming, "HAJIJIMAH!, HAJIMAAAAH! Don't do that! Stop it! I'm getting the Korean teacher right now, Saaan sang niiiim!"

But the Korean teacher never comes, the English teacher doesn't know what to do. Ohhhh no, ooooh no. One of the booger boys is walking up to the front of the class to tell her something.. she's freaking out.. he's grabbing her arm "Paula Teacher! Paula Teacher!". "Eww, don't touch me! Booger boy! Ugggh, SIT! ANJUSAYO!!"

And then the English teacher begins to countdown, "23, 22, 21, 20, 19.. !" The kids are thinking.. hmm.. that's strange! She USUALLY starts at 5, you know, the countdown our mom's do?


But little did they know that I was counting down the days I have left teaching kindergarten in Korea.
23 my friends!

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  1. As gross as that story was ..... you have a gift for telling a should write a book Paula of your adventures in Korea!