Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Love of a Taxi Driver

So I've had some issues with taxi drivers over the past 8 weeks here in Jeonju... they either love me or they hate me. Some will have me repeat "Yeoul Chodunhakyeo" about 8 times because I say "Yo-ool" instead of "Yo-eul"... and then they give up because I continue to (in their minds) butcher their language!

But whatever, you win some and you lose some, right?!

So one day, a cabbie tried to strike up a convo with me in Korean. I told him I could only speak "Chokum Hangeul"... he smiles and goes "Chooookum" (in the absolute funniest voice ever), so I try to repeat how he says it because it's so funny.. for about 30 seconds we just continued saying "CHooOOoooOkum" back and forth, whilst giggling. So fabulous and cute! Highlight!

On a different day, I was taking a cab to work. And the driver looks back and says "I lub you" (quickly).. "huh?"... "I luba you"... "OH! Ha.. (sketched) Ha"... "I luba you"... "Uhuh!"... "I luba you, KAMSAMNIDA (duh?)".. "Ah, Thank you (does he really think you say Thank you after someone says I love you?!?!)"... "Sam-ship? (30)"... "NO! I-ship-sam (23)!!!"... "OOOOHHHHH (all giddy) I LUBA YOU!".

::::Thoughts.. holy cow, get me out of this car right now! Egh, this is disgusting!!::::

Car stops. I pay him. "Tip? Tip?" ..."ANIYO!!" (NO).. dirty old creep!!!

OH my life! Sometimes I have to just stand still and soak everything in .. and LAUGH .. you'd go crazy here if you didn't!

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