Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Korean Ants Climbing Moaksan

So we know that everywhere around the world has ants... carpenter ants, fire ants, army ants, leaf cutter ants, big head ants, lemon ants, congo ants... have you ever seen Korean Ants?!

I went with a lovely group of people to climb Moaksan Mountain, which watches over and protects my fabulous city, Jeonju. It was definitely difficult, my calves and buns are still burning from 4 days ago!!! And it was hardcore the 'Korean' hiking experience.. people EVERYWHERE! People scurrying up, people scrambling down, people wearing brightly colored-brand new-super expensive-brand name hiking clothes/masks/gloves/shoes/visors. A majority enjoyed listening to K-Pop/Traditional Korean music on the way up, everyone had picnics, smelled like Kimchi, offered us fruit and coffee.

BUT there were liars among us, we were told that Makgeoli was sold at the top of the mountain.. a reward of sorts.. that was why we did it quickly and wanted to get to the top so bad.. Makgeoli? MAKGEOLI? Where is the MAKGEOOOLLIIII?!?!!

Easy. There wasn't any.

Fail. On many levels.

Tired. In more than one way.

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