Thursday, May 13, 2010

Post Office Happiness

My best friend's birthday is coming up. So I decided to mail her something very Korean. It is small, glass, light and a very distinct shape. I have mailed one of these 'things' before and it cost me about 6,000 Won.

Well... I went today to mail it.

To begin with, she asked if it would explode by saying 'Plane' and then making a bursting gesture. I said, 'No, thick glass'. Oh, 'glass-uh?'. 'Ne, glass-a'.

The post office lady typed a bit, and then pointed to the screen. TWENTY-TWO thousand won??! And I try to explain it cost me only 6,000 Won the last time.. what was going on?! I wrote down 6,000 Won and 10 days on a piece of paper. She wrote down 22,300 and circled 300 and said for the box (30 cents).. not my issue. So I try to explain again. She is confused. I put my hands up in the air and acted like I was flying a plane. Then, a light bulb came on. She pulled a different paper out of the drawer and I wrote allll the informaiton down again on this paper. She tallies it up and writes down 18,300.

WHAT THE HECK?! So I started allll over again, "one month ago.. 6,000.. price increase?!" Anyways, we just spoke in broken English until she wrote down 'confirmation'. YES! That was the issue, I said 'ANIYO' (no) and a guy pointed to a teeny-tiny slip of paper that was purely for customs. Haleluia! Problem solved.

Shipping cost: 3,300 Won
SUCCESS! After a half an hour, literally!

Then, she gave me my change, and put a little gift with it and said Sorry! Hahaha, the gift was a travel toothbrush and toothpaste with holder. I LOVE Korea!

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