Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Time Everyone on the Street Froze

I'm walking to work as usual this morning at 10AM, it takes me about 25 minutes. I wasn't running late, and I took my normal path. I cross the first major intsection, not realizing anything weird.. until, a lady grabbed my arm and said something (I thought she was trying to get me to eat at the restaurant stand that was infront of us) so I shrugged my shoulders, gave an awkward smile (like I have NOOO idea what you're saying) and kept walking. Then, I walked about 20 steps, and a guy at a crosswalk was telling me to not move (I guessed), I wasn't intending to cross the crosswalk.. so I tried to keep walking. Then he used his orange wand to instruct me not to move and he held out 2 fingers.

I'm thinking, what are you doing? Construction?! Why is everyone listening to him? This is retarded? Then I realized I had been hearing a siren and it wasn't turning off.. it didn't sound like it was moving closer or farther away.. and I was just confused!

Then, I saw a guy in a business suit slyly walk by like he didn't see anything happening, so I walked off too.. quick! I had to go to work!

Well, I take about 30 steps, turn around and realize that none of the buses are moving, none of the cars are moving, all of the people are standing or sitting in one spot, and the people with wands have random yellow nazi looking armbands on. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!

So, I called my co-teacher at the Kindergarten, and she wasn't helpful. Had NO clue what I was talking about. And I realized! HEY! I'm right by Dunkin' Donuts (and there is a girl that speaks English well that works there). So I walk in, of course no one is in there.. because no one is moving outside! And I ask her what is going on.. I pull her to the door and say 'moving, NO! what?! crazy!' , and after a bit of thought she explains that it is a drill for earthquakes and air defense stuff. I'm thinking to myself, wow, this city really is intense and crazy!

Anyways, I wasn't late to work. But it is honestly the weirdest thing I've experienced yet, especially not knowing the language!

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