Monday, May 31, 2010

Now I Know How Lindsay Lohan Feels!

A couple of weeks ago, Ange, Mikan and I went on a trip for Buddha's Birthday to Ulsan and Daegu. We had no idea where we were going until we got to the bus station.. we knew we wanted a beach, and so we opened our travel books and picked a place. Ulsan it was.. we headed to Ilsan Beach.. not knowing we were going to like Ulsan SO much! It was only pretty outside for 1 day out of our 3 day weekend. But, we had the time of our lives on Friday, so it was OK!

1.) Paparazi Creepin'

When we arrived in Ulsan, we took a taxi to Ilsan Beach, it was very quiet.. not a whole lot of people, which was very surprising for a holiday. However, there were PLENTY of people who wanted to talk to us as we were relaxing on the beach. AND plenty of girls that wanted to have their picture taken with us.. after the second group I decided, HEY I want a picture too! See below :)

We found out that this place is well known in Korea for eating whale meat.. makes me sad. But apparenly it is against the law to kill a live whale, so they eat the meat of dead whales they find. Weird, I know. I didn't eat any!
Once we were starving, we left the beach and headed to the city. This city is A LOT bigger than Jinju.. and I think just a bit smaller than Busan (which is the 2nd or 3rd largest city in Korea). YET, people acted like they had never seen a white person in their lives!! We were asked yet again for pictures to be taken.. which always comes with a bunch of laughs and awkard conversation. It was fun until we were just SO hungry that we had to get away! We asked a campaigner (its election time) what part of the city we should go to for fun night life.. he informed us of Samsan, and he put us in a cab, and we were on our way!

2.) Loooove Motel Stayin'

(they MUST have a plethora of 'hoe' business cards taped to the outside for us to even turn our heads and look at the name of the hotel)
We dumbly decided to get a hotel first, instead of eat, so we were 3 grumpy hungry Lindsay Lohans roaming the streets. We went to about 10 hotels, because we wanted a jaccuzi REAL bad, and a nice room. We finally settled on a hotel that had a nice shower.. but all was good, our bed was ROUND! PIMP

We had the best time ever at dinner, it started our night off fabulously.. with some yummy Korean BBQ.. and YES we cooked it ourselves at our table :) And we started our Korean night off right.. with some Soju (Super traditional, Korean sweet potato liquor) :)

Next, on our girls night.. we headed to W Garden which was recommended to us by the campaigner guy.. we actually found him there the second time we made an appearance there! Then, we headed to Cow9, which was decorated SO southern it was insane. We were sat on the balcony, and we flicked the styrofoam looking and tasting snacks off the balcony the whole time while drinking Makali Cocktails. THE best! Makali is also a very traditional drink in Korea and it is normally kind of chunky because they leave some fermented rice in it.

Then, we decided to head back to W Garden because it was so wicked looking inside. And we picked the most random drinks off the menu praying it would be faaabs. SO.. we ended up with a Hong-Kong-a-Go-Go, Mickey Mouse and a Pussycat. In order below. Best choices of the night!

We met a couple Canadian Engineers who were working at a nuclear power plant there.. pretty cool, huh? We hung out and danced with them most of the night.. went to Beat Bar which played awesome throw back songs to the 90's. It was just a load of fun.

4.)Jet Settin' and Passport Losin'
Do express busses count?? And losing my phone instead of a passport (you wont understand this part unless you keep up on celeb gossip... I DID lose my phone though) We took a bus to Daegu on saturday and visited the Daegu Tower and ate amaaaazing western food! It was fabulous! Bah, great! Below is a picture of the Sky Toilet :)

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