Friday, September 2, 2011

Hammy Yummy

The title is from the name of a sandwich shop right outside a popular entrance at my University.. one of my co-teachers told me to meet her at Hammy Yummy, I gave her the strangest look, but I should have known that would be a great English name for a restaurant in Korea :)

After talking to my coworkers, I've found out that I don't really have a boss. The man who hired me, Dong Min, mainly does hiring.. and even though he's in our office, that doesn't mean you ask him any question you have. And there is a Director of the Language program, but you'll only meet him once in the very beginning (should be meeting him today!)... and there is a Vice Director, who no one has ever seen, but he likes to change things around and make everyone angry.

I asked them what I do if I have a question, and they said, "Well either figure it out yourself or ask us, those are really and honestly your only two options"!

Interesting... well, my 'non-boss' Dong-Min picked me up from the bus station when I first arrived and awkwardly began the conversation about how I can't date my students (not a problem there!) but I am totally allowed to go out with them, which is actually encouraged. He said that my students are going to ask me a lot to go out to eat/drink with them and if I want to, I can, and when I do they will most likely open up a lot more in class... which is fabulous because I teach all conversation classes.. and with how shy Koreans can be, I gotta do whatever possible!

I was walking down the street today thinking about the things I miss in America (in case you didn't know, I left America wanting to stay! Which I never expected, I was so physically and emotionally warn out from my 4 month trip to S.America that I just wanted to stay in my home country and experience a bit of normalcy!!). One of those main things being... I miss walking down the street and seeing attractive faces. That's going to sound mean, but it is a total personal opinion!

I miss being physically attracted to the men around me.. if you can't quite comprehend what I mean.. imagine this, you walk at least 30 minutes every day around the city you live in (to work/go shopping..).. can you imagine never seeing a man you're attracted to while doing this for 365 days a year?!

I suppose it just gets boring! I am a young single woman, on the prowl, with nothing to entertain my wandering mind while walking down the streets of my new home.

Now I'm generalizing a bit, I have been attracted to some of the Koreans.. mainly if they have tattoos and a motorcycle.. but for the most part it's just not there!

Some girls get serious Asian Fever when they come here.. to each his own. More for you! :)

But I chose to live in the most homogeneous country in the world, so no complaints here I've just been thinking about it recently!

:::Break Down (of the countries I've been to/have good friends from):::

1.America - many different ethnicities and accents all jumbled into one country.. you see allll sorts of people, can't get bored there!
2.Europe/Australia/New Zealand - beautiful AND with amazing accents (also many different backgrounds and ethnicities)
3.Central Americans - more attracted to than South Americans
4.South Americans - should be named Andeans.. take me to the coast and I will fall in love in a half a second (long curly dark hair, light eyes, dark brown skin)
5.South East Asia - like I said, tattoos/a motorcycle makes the men seem less feminine, difficult for me to handle if not

If you've never been to Korea.. imagine seeing guys walking around in light purple bathroom (the old Adidas style) shoes, riding a hot pink and green bike, having a romantic K-Pop song as their ringtone... their idea of 'man' is completely different than the Western idea, I won't lie it entertains me and that's why I'm living in Korea for a second year. There is always something strange going on and I am never bored in that sense when wandering around Korea!

Soon I'll be randomly meeting the hundreds of foreigners living in my city.. can't wait :)

Note: My mom just informed me that my blog sounds like I'm depressed.. my response.. life's not always bubble gum and cupcakes, sometimes you have to scrape the gunk burnt onto the pan. I'm not depressed, but living in a foreign country isn't always as exciting as it may seem.. there are two sides to every story!

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