Friday, September 9, 2011

Your Girlfriend My Introduce

What happens when you walk down a street in Korea?

 a.) you dodge cars, mo-peds, ajumas/ajushis, bicycles and you try not to trip on the bricks
b.) lots of giggles... is he seriously wearing that? is his bike purple? did her shirt seriously say that (in English)?
c.) you smile at the people staring at you as they walk by.. and they just continue staring (cultural thing)
d.) when the occasional ajuma/ajushi smiles at you, you get all excited and bow

  E.) A man pulls his car over on the side of a 4 lane highway, gets out and starts a conversation with you. First telling you his name, asks your name, asks if you know you say 'chokum' (a little)... he starts speaking in nothing but Korean, when you give him a blank stare and say, "Sorry, I can say Hi, Bye, and count to 4.. I don't understand". In his broken English he asks where you're from, he responds with an "OooooOooh America! You girl friend america" "Friend? Yes" "You girl friend america my introduce" "Boyfriend?" "Girl friend married" "No, I'm not married. I have friends" "You girl friend america my introduce, card-uh card-uh" I'll spare you the rest of the details.. but after about 7 minutes I managed to nicely get myself out of the situation so I could keep walking back to my school. But I took his business card and just said, "OK, work, I call you, girl friend my introduce! OK? Thank you! Nice to meet you! Bye!"

 I still have absolutely NO idea what went on. But I had a nice giggle out of it on the way back to work!!

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