Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Note to Self

When having a discussion/debate about the successful sex strike that took place in a rural Filipino village ( http://articles.cnn.com/2011-09-19/world/philippines.sex.strike_1_village-strike-drug-trafficking?_s=PM:WORLD ).... don't be surprised when you try to turn the last 10 minutes of class into a discussion about plans for the weekend and a student (::cough:: Professor) interrupts:

"I heard they give out condoms to students in high school in America?"

Umm.. ok, different topic, out of no where.. well kind of.. I now know now that this will be a good discussion for a different 50 minute class! They were all very curious!! It cracked me up considering when we first started talking about the sex strike, and the same man chimed in and said a.) "I'd never have to worry about that, I'm too old." b.) "This would never work in Korea.. Korean men have OTHER ways ;)"

AND that would be referring to the prostitution that runs rampant in Korea... totally different subject... but in case you're curious to know... in 2010, 13 Million US Dollars were spent on prostitution... there are brothels/parlors everywhere you turn... if you see 2 barber poles spinning in opposite directions at a business, welp, you've found yourself some prostitutes, good job!

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