Monday, September 19, 2011

The Kimchi People

What happens in the Hanok Village.. stays in the Hanok Village... HA, right.. this aint Vegas baby!

Story time...

As a good little Jeonju-ite, I picked this past weekend to be my first official weekend in town. It's been a bit difficult to actually STAY in town on the weekends, because I now have friends in many different cities! However, I've realized that I need to make Jeonju my home, make friends here and get to know the city. So, I went to one of the major attractions in Jeonju... the Hanok Village, a traditional village that still runs and is fully functional. There are people who live here and there are many little tourist shops and cafes to hang out at. It was bloody hot on Saturday though (90 degrees+), so Chelsea and I scurried through it real quick. LUCKILY we had great entertainment.

To our amazement, there was a huge fight going on between 2Men/1Woman & a different man. Because we don't speak Korean, we have noooo idea what was really going on.. but hope to have it translated soon!

What happened right before I began filming the fight, involved everyone screaming at each other, and then the man in white picked up a medium sized kimchi pot and tried to hit the other guy in the head with it.. he failed and crashed it into the mailbox, thankfully.. that could have seriously done some damage to the guy.

(super thick ceramic, we kept a couple of pieces :) ).

The crazy part, was that when the police came.. the first police officer was smiling as he was talking to the people... they NEVER handcuffed anyone, the officer had to push the guy in blue a couple of times to keep him from assaulting the lady more, he managed to squeeze by one of the cops and push her.. AND STILL, no handcuffs. The police officers allowed everyone to keep quarreling in the middle of the village, and didn't try to get the huge crowed that had gathered to leave. It was insane, but so hilarious to watch, we just took a seat and asked everyone that made eye contact with us if they spoke English... one guy was a Chinese tourist, and he spoke amazing English.. he was so confused, because he basically began to walk directly into the fight because he didn't realize it was going on, and the man in blue started screaming at him.. but he doesn't speak Korean, so he had NO idea what was happening. We told him that Korea isn't normally like this.. then we kind of took our words back and said welll..... when soju is involved a lot of ajushis (older men) get in arguments, but they're more funny and not so serious.... he told us that he had heard that "The Kimchi People" had bad tempers.

KIMCHI PEOPLE! Ha! That was the funniest thing that Chelsea and I had heard in a long time!!

That was basically the end of the excitement, another Korean man told us that two of the people owned the auction that they were standing in front of.. so maybe the man broke something/stole something.. oh and he also said that the man punched the woman twice?! Not a clue!

Welcome home Paula :)

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