Thursday, February 11, 2010


I normally LOVE listening to Koreans speak. However when on the bus and hearing a voice recording over the intercom, ALL I can think of are TellyTubbies, and then I get the voice in my head all day long. It in no way sounds like Korean, and I cannot wait to get a translation for what this TellyTubby Korean is saying!! Even right now, I have the voice stuck in my head and it is replaying over and over and over!

Today, I walked into Kinder (it is a seperate school from my Hagwon, Oxford, and is for kids 4-7, I teach them English by year and they are super smart!) and went to the kitchen to get a cup of tea. The cute little lady that slapped me on the butt the day before, handed me this mini little appetizer fork and opened a cardboard box... that was filled with the things in the picture. They looked like giant versions of Gushers, BUT when piercing it with a fork, I could tell it was super gushy-ish soft, and it was kind of wet on the outside. Well, the lady doesn't speak English and was just motioning me to eat one... SO of course I didn't want to break her poor littl ole heart, and I popped one in my mouth..what was running through my mind was 'pleeeease please don't make me do this :(' BUT of course crap squirted out of it. I must have had a petrified look on my face because it took everything I had to finish eating that sucker and swallow it. I find out later from Michelle that it is a rice cake, which is very popular in Korea and it comes in many different forms. I realized I had had it at a traditional Korean restaurant, but in a different style.. a much better style. I mean Holy Cow, even the memories are giving me goose bumps! They look completely innocent, but they ARE NOT! Beware

My teaching skills are apparently better than I had thought. My director told me he thinks I was born to be a teacher! And I told him, my mom has always said that. He said he can just tell by my personality that I love the kids (even the bratty hellians)! I swear I put together a million valentine cards today for the kids, I'm going to give it to them next week along with some Sweethearts I brought here from the states. His comments made me happy and more confident! I definitely feel like I am doing the right thing here, this was definitely a logical next step to my life. I am unsure of what the next step is, but if I keep an open mind there is a world of possibilities! Literally. I have been so happy here so far, and cannot imagine being seriously sad and upset with my decision. There are so many places to go and people to meet (from all around the world), I couldn't have asked for more! Mista Lee is also amazing, it could have been a hit or miss, but I definitely made a home run with him on my team!!

P.S. I ate this crazy fruit today... look at the picture, if anyone knows what it is. I would love to know what I shoved in my face! :)

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  1. You should be commended for eating everything put before you! Don'tknow that most would be so brave!