Sunday, February 14, 2010

You Could Call it Being a Social Butterfly...

... but I like to call it a Communications Graduate!

I have met SO many more people than I would have assumed I would being here for a week and three days! Jinju is a LOT smaller than the capitol of Korea, Seoul. I have never seen a foreigner in my area walking down the street, yet I have managed to hang out with around 15 people on 4 seperate occasions. So far, I am enjoying my company. I have been hanging out with a lot of Englishmen, New Zealanders, Americans, Scottish, and Koreans! It is A LOT of guys here too, I think each time the group went out there were make 4 foreign girls at a time? I'm not going to lie, it is nice! And it has been a lot of laughs, I love it! I knew I would meet weird people like me who would move to a foreign country for a year+ and love it! I feel so at ease here. Good times!

Last night was New Years Eve for many Asian countries, I had a good time. Met a couple more people and laughed a lot. I.. and everyone I have met, have come to realize that I am the youngest foreigner teaching ESL in Jinju. Maybe there is another one out there? But so far, everyone has been at least 23, and I am the lovely age of 21! And there I was feeling OLD about being a college graduate, and now I feel young again! OH youthfulness!

Talk about youthfulness, Koreans, women especially, age SO well. It is absolutely dumbfounding how gorgeously young these women look for their age! I love it, I'll drink what they're drinking!

I went to church this morning (a different one from the last time) and I enjoyed it a lot. The pastor is absolutely awesome, loved his sermon. And the people were fabulous! I met a couple of foreigners, and the Koreans were great, they didn't hover over me this time and make me feel uncomfortable. Another crazy thing is that, an older Korean man named Kevin (his English name) introduced himself and found out I was from Virginia. And he was a graduate from Virginia Tech, which is about an hours drive from my house!! Crazy huh?! I never knew Roanoke could be so well known, most people have never even heard of it back in the states! The picture below is of the Pastor, Brandon and I ( he is the pastor talked about in the 'what a ca-winky-dink' post! )

Tomorrow morning I will be heading out at 9AM to visit a coastal area called Kon Yong. It is supposed to be beautiful, and we'll take a cable car that will take us somewhere, and if the weather is nice we should be able to see a lot of islands! Yippee! Although it will still be cold :(

Jinju is becoming more and more like home to me. I am extremely happy with the direction my life is headed and can't wait for the ride I have just begun!

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