Saturday, February 6, 2010

Taster's Choice

This is a day not to be forgotten! Mista Lee took us to an AMAZING international style buffet today.. Nicest one I’ve ever been to. It was like $25 dollars a person I think. AND the cute little French Fries were drizzled in some sort of sesame honey, to die for! Tons of fruit, shrimp, scallops, check out the pictures below! They even had a fruit my Rosie loves that I decided to try.. And me no like-y! I think it’s from the Philipines! They were also playing some Lady GaGa, Jay-Z, Fitttty Cent, among others. Loved it!

After lunch, Mista Lee took Arthur and I (another new teacher at Oxford) to the hospital for our health check to get our Alien Registration Card (ARC). I THOUGHT that I was only getting an HIV and drug test, however, I was utterly wrong… wrong… wrong… wrong!

The things that were done to me:
#1- paperwork. easy

#2- teeth check.. Scary, I saw this ginormo syringe, and thought they were going to be taking my blood with it, since I thought I was only getting an HIV and drug test… plus I thought the place looked funny, and the seat looked like a dental office chair.. Well I was right, they have a dentist in the hospital!

#3- blood pressure check. Ok, seems normal

#4- they measured my chest. I mean.. I know they look fake and all, but measuring? That is a little un-called for!

#5- Hearing check. Left, right, right, right.

#6- Eyesight. E? F? 2? 4? S? Shouldn’t have worn contacts!

#7- EKG- dude.. This was my all time favorite! OK, so the lady motions for me to lie down, and lift my shirt and bra up (basically just a long flash), then she clamps something to both ankles, clamps thingsto both wrists, and suctions these funny little things like 6 time on my boobs… my face must have described what I was thinking, because she was finally like EKG EKG… I was terrified that they were going to shock me and say could you feel that? Ok… can you feel this? How about NOW?! And cackle BAHAHAHA!

#8- X-Ray- walk in… he pokes me in the back “BRAZIER BRAZIER”. I’m thinking, ‘right here? Right now?’ and then he points to a corner.. I do my thing.. And get my chest or whatever x-rayed…. I hope I don’t get some weird poisoning here that doesn’t let me have babies!!

#9- Pee Test- this is my favorite part!!! I mean, I had read on other blogs about how when you take a urine test you pee in a cup and they don’t give you a lid. BUT I never expected a PAPER cup that had on it ‘TASTER’S CHOICE’?!? I almost peed myself as I carried it DOWN the hallway to a Korean bathroom (squatter toilet). Then I carried my half empty (or half full, whichever you prefer) cup to back down the hallway sat it down on a chair.. And took a picture! For you non-believers! Mista Lee about died laughing when he saw me do it!

#8- Blood sucking. Reminded me of Twilight, which I just started reading and love it!
THE END. For now.. Then again it is only 2PM here… the internet guy is here, and life is good!

P.S. just got a call, Zio Riccos tonight for Jazz and ITALIAN where I am meeting a group of people lacking color… yes white!! I would still much rather hang out with Koreans, I love it here! Hollllla


  1. Paula, I loooove that you are writing this blog!! Sounds like you area having an AMAZING time! I am so happy for you!