Friday, February 5, 2010

Seaweed Has Heads?!

First full day in Korea yesterday... accidentally took a 'nap' for 6 1/2 hours... woke up and it was night time! My super fantastic supervisor, Mista Lee (as I have him in my cell phone), invited me to eat dinner in his home. His wife made beef stew, which was a semi-clear broth.. no beef.. very interesting! And I got to try Kimchi for the first time.. and something she called seaweed. I thought it looked different than what I would expect seaweed, but in my eagerness to try eeeverything Korean, I took a crunchy nibble. And ate some of the other things... and then I was like hmm.. I'll try the seaweed again... I took a BIG bite.. right when I realized the seaweed had heads... they were little crunchy fish... yea, I obviously have become dillusional.. it was.. interesting!

I ate a ginormo Korean meal today with my supervisor, his wife and a current teacher... ummm Hello! DELICIOUS! Never in my life have I ever seen so many bowls on one table, and THEN after I thought I had eaten enough for two days, they inform me that it was just the appetizer! BRING IT ON KOREA! I'm a bottomless pit :)

I seriously want Mista Lee's wife to be my best friend. Apparently, she is an amazing cook, and she is going to teach me how to make some yummy sweet potato rice noodle-ular things! To die for!

Maybe I'll start my own Korean cooking show on Food Network one day! Yea!

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