Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WHAT A Ca-Winky-Dink!?!

Coincidence #1: The Director of my school, Mista Lee, went to Ferrum College which is 1 1/2 hours away from where I live in Roanoke, VA!! I didn't even believe him, and he said 'Roanoke, STAR!'... my jaw about dropped to the ground. Well, he had kept asking me about what city I was from, and we would get on another subject. I couldn't figure out why he would even ask, because it is Virginia not California! Anyways, I finally said from.. Roanoke? With a questioned voice, because most people have no clue what I am talking about. He went there when I was about 14 years old :) This still surprises the heck out of me, not only because I am in South Korea and came from a small city in Virginia.. but because FERRUM?! Who goes to Ferrum college?! WHO? It is so tiny, I have no clue how that happened!

Coincidence #2: I get a message from my cousin who lives in Ohio, but was a youth pastor at a Korean Church in Chicago for a while about a girl named Jamie. His email was like a page long! Well, turns out Jamie had seen a post I had written on a Jinju group on Facebook about how I was looking for things to do around Jinju because I am so new here. AND she looked at my profile, and saw we had a mutual friend.. James Ferguson.. MY COUSIN!!! Ironic?! Ironic! Anyways, turns out that her and her husband moved to Jinju after taking my cousin's position at the Korean Church (and he and his wife moved back to Ohio) in Chicago. The pastor loved the new youth pastor and his wife (Jamie) so much, that when he decided to move back to Korea to be a pastor, he invited them along. BUT not to any old place in Korea, JINJU! MY NEW HOME FOR A YEAR!!! OK, so I met them out to dinner last night along with about 6 other foreigners (Americans/New Zealander) and it was just too funny to be true! Anyways, they are absolute sweethearts. And I'm super happy I met them! CRAZY WORLD!

OK, well that is about all of the coincidences, so I will continue the story from the Dinner. I saw a couple of recognized faces, two I had seen at the church I went to (they don't like the church either), one I had seen from Zio Riccos the Italian (ironic!) restaurant, and then two other guys named John, and... ALAS, the New Zealand boy named PAUL that someone told me I should meet. <3 let me tell you. Anyways, enough about my crush.. honestly, his voice makes me melt!.. yea, ok I'll stop! We ate at a burger place called 'Kraze Burger', it was good, overpriced because it is 'american' style food, and I was thinking 'what is this NEW YORK!'?! Anyways, food good, conversation great, people awesome. Well, five of us decided to go to Bar West, a bar that is actually super close to my apartment.. which sadly enough isn't really in the mega exciting area of the city! We went there, and I started talking to a table of three guys.. 2 from England and 1 from Texas (which is basically its own country)! We had awesome conversation, the Englishmen definitely have the same crude humor as I, so we were just merry ole chaps and had a good time. I pushed the line on Korean beer, and went home at about 11:30PM (I walked actually, the city is super safe). Lets just say my stomach ulcer hates me, I can't wait to have health insurance in 2 weeks. Yea, not a good idea. I payed for it today, leeet me tell ya. But the friends I made were well worth it. Until next time!

Making plans with ROSEE my old roomie and we are planning on the Great Wall/China for the last week of July. Yay, can't wait to research things to do! Bed time.
Me tired-a teacha!

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