Friday, February 5, 2010

Yes.. I Shower Naked

Alrighty, this is my dreadful attempt to keep myself awake for the next 2 hours.. although it will only be for part of that 2 hours! It is 5:52PM here... so 3:52AM at home... slackers... welcome to Friday! And, I want to go to sleep, BUT instead.. I am going to tell you about my night last night. And commence story time (p.s. I hadn't showered yet (not only because you know why) but because I do not have an adapter for my hair dryer and its COLD):

So, I went to a Bath House... most amazing, relaxing, incredible, can't wait to go back kind of things. I feel like most Americans would be SO incredibly creeped out by this experience because they do not appreciate and take advantage of the human body.. I think most would HATE the bath houses.
Well here is the deal, you go to the locker room, undress.. yess NAKED, you take the most amazing shower and scrub scrub scrub wash wash wash, then you pick what you want to do.. you can a.) sauna b.)water massage c.)spa hot tub d.)scalding hot tub e.) cold tub.. and possibly some more possibilities. You can stay as long as you want, but I prefer not to get too prune-y incase they somehow become permanent, ew gross.

Anyways, no one looks at you weird.. EVEN though I'm a white girl.. the body is just something all-us-women have! And by golly, we're going to bathe like that.. freakin together! Yea! It was just SO relaxing, and I felt extremely strong as a woman, I think it would really help with all of the weight issues, image issues and morale.. women need to stick together and not fall under the cruel eye of the man, where HE decide what is beautiful and scrutinizes our God given gorgeous bodies. We are beautiful as we are, and we need to write love on our arm!

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