Thursday, February 11, 2010

What I've Learned About Korea in 1 Week

As of 1:30AM this morning I have been living in Korea for officially a week! Crazy huh?

What I've Learned About Korea in 1 Week:
1.) KOREANS HAVE AN ISSUE WITH SPACE. They live ontop of one another in apartments. They hover over you in church. They stand an inch away from you on the sidewalk. Yet, they do not like public displays of affection.

2.) KOREAN CULTURE IS BIPOLAR. Koreans are either super strict about culture by always taking their shoes off and following conditions based on past beliefs, so you would think they would be super caring people. THEN, you become a pedestrian, pedestrians have absolutely no say and no rights in Korea. I can't tell you how many times I thought I could have gotten ran over by that car/bus, or even the moped that was driving on the sidewalk!!

3.) KOREANS HAVE MOUTHS OF STEEL. I have now eaten about 4 hardcore traditional Korean meals with fellow Koreans, and I have been to other Korean restaurants by myself/with foreigners and noticed that Koreans hardly ever drink when they eat! I have yet to see one have even a cup of water for them if something gets too spicy. And then there is me having to refill the tiny tiny little cups they give you for water and refilling them over and over and over. Then at the end of the meal they are like, tea or coffee?! And I'm thinking, it is a little late for that don't ya think?!

4.) BUS DRIVERS WANT YOU TO DIE. They have no clue how to drive. You get on the bus, and after you pay your 1,000 won you are basically immediately hurled towards the back of the bus because they just LOVE the gas pedal. AND then they slam on the breaks anytime they need to stop. I pray I don't fall flat on my back, because I can hardcore see that happening. Crazy asian drivers!

5.) ASIANS CAN HAVE ATTITUDES. I taught my mini asians today the word fierce (because it was in their book, but it didn't really explain what it meant). I told them that it was basically an extreme, and since it was a class of 6 girls and one boy. I taught them some Tyra Banks sass, because she always says FIERCE super sassy and and snaps her finger while doing the head bob. I did it a couple of times for them before they actually let loose and did it. And it was HILARIOUS!

6.) BATHING NAKED IS A-OK HERE. I learned this while showering with grandmas and moms and my directors wife. You would think it would be awkward, but the bath houses were wicked relaxing!

7.) KOREANS LOVE PENISES. They consider statues of them to be good for fertility. I have seen plenty of pictures of random giant penises people have seen during various journeys in Korea. PLUS I saw my first one that had to be about 2 1/2 stories tall, that was all lit up with different colored lights in the MIDDLE of a highway on the way to Seoul from the airport the night I arrived! I can't wait to explore Korea, it will be like where's waldo.. except.. well, you know!

8.) KOREANS CARE A LOT ABOUT HOW THINGS ARE WRAPPED. No pun intended with number 8. But they care so much, that not only gifts are immaculately wrapped, but so is take-out. And this was after we had eaten most of it.. the box has three pieces of pizza in it and the bag has two pieces that they wrapped in alluminum and put in a cute gift bag. P.S. Korea obviously loves women, you see 'love for women' everywhere!!

9.) I AM SO VERY IN LOVE WITH THIS CITY! This is going to be a great year!

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